Kvalitet engineers became the winners of Saint Petersburg Applied Mechanics Students Olympiad. 14 April 2018

Applied Mechanics Students Olympiad was held in St. Petersburg from April 5th to 11th, 2018. Competition was guided by one of the leading machine-building Russian company — Tauras-Fenix. The task of competition — to present mock-ups of equipment/conveyors for poducts packaging and transportation. About 3 weeks were given for preparation.

Kaliningrad State Technical University was represented by the fourth-year student — Artem Savelichov and the sixth-year student, engineer of Kvalitet company — Karpenko Alexey. They created fully mechanized 3D model for presentation. The name of euipment is "Machine for automatic transportation and cleaning of food products". As a result, the students from Kaliningrad became the winners of that creative competition and overcame students from the eminent Russian universities like Moscow Polytechnic University and Samara State Aerospace University.

Apperance of production line for pasta trasporting, distribution system, cleaning system, bins draining system.


Model processing

Apperance of the camshaft


Spare tray closed

Spare tray opened

Lower tray of hooper

Сamshaft section


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