Point Clouds

What do we do?

Go to the object, analyzing positioning of FARO laser scanner and spheres. Scanning object in needed format. For color models we use photo-capture function. Scanned points combined in FARO® SCENE.

Scanning result

Point clouds in local coordinate system, ready for processing in CAD and BIM.

Point clouds example:  Baltic Federal UniversityKaliningrad, Alexander Nevskiy str, 14k2 Autodesk ReCap.


Based on the Customers requirements we provide files with scanned objects in commonly used engineering programs.  Please tell us which format you need  - we are always opened for discussion.

Sufficient for Autodesk®

AutoCAD versions 2011—2014, generally used format

Sufficient for Autodesk®

AutoCAD from 2015 and further versions, also for Autodesk ® ReCap™ Studio, Autodesk ® Revit ®, Autodesk ® Inventor, Autodesk ® 3ds Max от 2015, Advance Steel

Sufficient for Geomagic Qualify from 2013 version

Sufficient for ArchiCAD 

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